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Reasons to Turn to Us for Legal Services in Ridgeland, MS

Choosing an attorney to handle your family law matter is an important decision and should not to be taken lightly. While there are many lawyers to choose from, there are few who can offer the unique combination of qualifications we possess.

For legal services in Ridgeland, MS, consult with John Robert White, P.A. Our attorney is fully committed to protecting what matters most to our clients. In highly sensitive matters of divorce, custody, support, and other family-related concerns, you need an advocate who will defend your best interests. Our client-focused approach ensures that you receive the most favorable outcome that the details of your case permit.

Attorney with Happy Clients


Because we concentrate on Mississippi family law, we are familiar with nuances that may be overlooked by practitioners who are juggling other practice areas.

Legal proceedings are often complicated and intimidating. But as our client, we keep you fully informed as we guide you through the process. We make sure you fully understand the developments in your case so you can make important decisions. Our law firm has the knowledge you can count on during your proceedings.


Our attorneys have 60 years of combined legal experience. 

Experience counts when you are faced with important legal issues. Whether you are adjusting custody or your child support order, you need a lawyer who knows what to expect and how to handle your unique case. Our decades of experience qualify us to take on any legal matter.


Our firm has operated for almost 30 years. 

In that time, our lawyer has handled hundreds of cases and taken 25 appeals to court. We are still around because our track record of success has earned the trust and respect of the members of the communities we serve.


Family law matters can be the most stressful and emotionally-charged issues that people face. We never forget that our clients need empathy, patience, and compassion in addition to aggressive legal representation.

Schedule an appointment to speak to our attorney if you require legal counsel in a matter of family law. Our law firm is here to serve you and help you achieve the courtroom outcome that’s best for your family.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. We proudly represent clients in the Ridgeland, Mississippi, area.


A spacious and functional office facility is important not only to our staff but also to our clients who visit us regularly and deserve a comfortable atmosphere in which to conduct their legal business.


We give our best effort in every case, whether we are representing a multi-millionaire or a struggling single mother.


We strive to uphold the highest degree of legal ethics when dealing with our clients and with other attorneys. For potential clients looking for a lawyer who will bend or break the rules, we request they not call us.