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Experienced Divorce Attorney in Ridgeland, MS

When you need a divorce attorney in Ridgeland, MS, turn to JRW Law. One of our skilled attorneys will help guide you through the difficult process of divorce and provide you with effective legal services.

Obtaining a Divorce

Under Mississippi divorce law, there are three methods for obtaining a divorce:

Irreconcilable Differences

Often referred to as “no-fault,” this method is usually the least expensive and least stressful.

Irreconcilable Differences with Contested Issues

If the parties agree to the divorce on the ground of irreconcilable differences, but are unable to agree on how to divide their property and assets or the custody and maintenance of their minor children, they may consent to a divorce on the ground of irreconcilable differences and permit the court to decide these issues for them.

Fault Grounds

If the parties are unable to obtain a divorce by one of the above methods, one party may sue the other for divorce on one of the recognized “fault grounds.” These include, but are not limited to:

Wedding Ring, Mississippi Family Law, Ridgeland, MS
  • Adultery
  • Natural Impotency
  • Habitual and Excessive Use of Drugs
  • Habitual Drunkenness
  • Desertion for One Year
  • Domestic Violence'
  • Marriage to Another Person at the Time of Pretended Marriage
  • The Parties Being Related to Each Other


Division of Assets and Debts

Upon divorce, the court has the authority to divide the couple’s assets and debts equitably and to award alimony. When deciding how to do so, state law requires the court to follow these steps:

  • The court classifies the parties' assets and debts as "marital" or "non-marital."
  • The court values and equitably divides the marital property taking into consideration each party's nonmarital property.
  • The court does not award alimony if the equitably divided marital assets are adequately provided for both parties.
  • The court considers awarding alimony if the equitably divided marital assets leave a deficit for one party.


The last step the court completes is a consideration of alimony. The four types of alimony available under state law are reimbursement, lump sum, rehabilitative, and periodic. When considering whether to award alimony, how much to award, or which type to award, the court evaluates the following factors, such as:

  • The Age of the Parties
  • The Income and Expenses of the Parties
  • The Health and Earning Capacities of the Parties
  • Fault or Misconduct
  • The Needs of Each Party
  • The Length of the Marriage
  • The Obligations and Assets of Each Party
  • Wasteful Dissipation of Assets by Either Party


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